Friday, 13 June 2014

Secret Box..

Suddenly browse through my long left-unentertained blog,

Reading the letter written by 24 years old me to thhe 19 years old me ..

slightly abit of feeling touched,

slightly abit of feeling sad,

slightly abit of feeling happy,

a complicated feeling

and definitely.. im feeling old now...

Just celebrated my 27th birthday last month.

My last post was 3 years ago.

Many things happen and changed this 3 years

I barely can remember all the event.

only a few.....

travel to korea,

erm.... and 


i choose to be forgetful i think... i chose it..

by that way, i can be a happy girl then.. :)

but now i having a great life

by less  being negative... smile all the time.. temper reduce abit...

and......... :)

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Are you Angry??

Recently , so obsessed with the angry team... hehe... THE ANGRY BIRD~

who are them ?? i guess almost everyone knew about it.. 
with their angry faces(which people consider it is very cute, oh well, me too)..
puffy angry birds plush is selling in every shopping mall..
i wonder it is original or not.. 
but when i saw it, i bought with out hesitation ..
the pillow with.... nope.. not the birds.. is the pig.. 
even when u play the game, 
when u can hit the pig and they laugh at u, 
u really feel wan to kill them with ur own hand... haha
but they undeniably cute..

lastly, one of the wallpaper i like... 

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Aloha! My Rainbow!

ooopss... i guess i left here for all the debris terrorized it... sorry , my bloggy...


after read back mine outdated 2006-2008 blog....
found out the life i had before ,
full with colours.... sweet, sour , bitter and spicy... haha...

this blog , since 2010 aug, used to scold people.... then it was let untouched...
i dunno this begin will last for how long...
although i looks very free in my working hour.. but i guess... i guess...
big load of task will be flowing in.. wahahaha..... need to start attending workshop...
am i confirm for my position??? wahahah.. this is what i want to hear in this year...
next year, will boXus given??? hehe ...
well... every office-ter , who don't hope for that?

here goes again.. my mind went blank....
i dunno what to write...

Write the feedback to myself after read the blog
written by 19 years old's aReY??
hahah... not a bad idea... to tell the past aReY
on what the present aReY want to say..

Monday, 12 April 2010

You know you're DBSK crazy when ........

You google search Cassiopeia in hopes of finding the headquarters and joining
You continue looking to be a part of Cassiopeia even though you kinda cant
Everytime you see a picture from a variety show, you know exactly what was going on
You can tell what DBSK era/phase they were in by their hair
Are still trying to find a way to join Cassiopeia
Want to learn Korean
Want to go to Korea
Want to become that staff memer that wipes the sweat off their faces after a performance
You momentarily want to become a back up dancer just so you can touch them during the "Tohodancer Tohodance Tohodancer FIGHTING" chant
Have already taken steps to learn the MIROTIC dance

Whenever you talk to others about DBSK, you talk as if you are close personal friends with them
e.x. "Did you know Max talks in his sleep?.... Micky is so crazy when he's tipsy..."
You start laughing with one of your hands covering your mouth (JJ style)
You clap while you laugh (Max style)
You've absent-mindedly began to laugh like Xiah Junsu
At a particular hysterical moment you always do a "stand and walk around" laugh (DBSK style)

You know the answer to a variety show question about their personal habits/preferences
e.x. "MC: Micky, what body part do you look at first when you see a woman
You: The neck... d'uh
Micky: The neck"
You scream along during Max's part in Rising Sun
You do the little butt thing Yunho does in the beginning of "O"
You know how many siblings they each have
You really want to know what their favourite colours are
When you find out their favorite color is the same as yours you, for SOME reason, get extremely excited
You talk about DBSK to anyone with ears
You've seen the Mirotic MV and Wrong Number MV an excessive amount of times
Fell in love with Bolero within the first 6 seconds of hearing it
You can call out who's voice is who's when they sing
You look to them for Fashion advice
Want to get your hands on the DVDs even though the only Korean words you understand are "hyung... saranghae... and oppa"

Are able to watch a 60 minute Variety show without subs and feel like you know what their saying
The people around you hum Mirotic against their will 'cause you play it all the time
You twitch everytime you hear Mirotic and Wrong Number 'cause you've been practicing the dance moves and your body can't help but want to dance
Your friends talk about how they've been eating all day and you inform them about how Max eats 8 meals a day... they have no idea who Max is
... they actually know who Max is because all you talk about is DBSK
Your friends ask you "what's new" and all you tell them is what new thing you found out about DBSK because that's all you've been doing all day (watching Variety and Radio Shows).
You want to become famous in your country JUST so you can somehow use your fame to get closer to them
You know all the English words in their songs... and that's about all you can sing

Even though you sometimes Criticize Cassiopeia... you still look for a way to be a part of it
You want "Miduhyo (Believe)" and "My Little Princess" to be played at your Wedding~
Whenever you watch a performance by them you look around for something red to wave around
Everytime you hear about their "ideal girl" you see if you compare... no matter which member it is
You go into withdrawal when you havent done something DBSK related for a while
Even though you dont live in Korea and still follow their Japanese activities, you're kinda sad they're going back to Japan soon
You're extremely proud of them when they write a song
When you read fun random facts about DBSK... you know about 97% of them already
You believe they've all lived up to the meaning behind their names (U-know, Hero, Xiah, Micky (lol), Max)
You want to get a UFO account
Because you CAN'T get a UFO account, you think up things to say if you did have one... and wonder who would answer as well as what he would say

You KNOW they are here to stay
You feel sorry for what Cassiopeia would do to SM Entertainmentif they ever disbanded DBSK
You're still looking for ways to be a registered member of Cassiopeia
You want to send DBSK a video of you gushing about how much you love them and how much you appreciate their music
Even though you downloaded some of their songs,... you still want to buy their albums
You want to give Micky a big hug every time you see him cry
Even though there might be members you like more than the others... you dont dislike any of them
You say a random "Fighting" or "Hwaiting" when you're about to do something intense (or not so intense)
You still laugh at the "U-Know Yunho- Fighting, Choikang ChangMin- Fighting, Micky Yoochun- Fighting, Youngwoong JaeJoong- Fighting, Dong Bang Shin Ki- FIGHTING" ........ "... Xiah Junsu- Fighting" thing
You know the "Kamo, Come On!" Oyagi gag, compliments of Xiah Junsu
You get pissed when people say that DBSK is overrated...

You want to give Xiah a hug every time he does something only Xiah would do
You see a "stalking" video on youtube featuring one of the members and feel bad that they can't get any privacy... but still watch the video.
If you ever meet another DBSK fan outside of the internet you immediately feel like you've known each other for years
You know their birthdays but don't know your own friends's birthday
If a few of the members are missing on a Variety show you can imagine what the missing members would say if they were there
You make up sound-alike-lyrics to the Korean/Japanese lyrics just so you can sing along.
You think up fan group names as catchy as "Cassiopeia" and "Big East" for your country
You want to shake hands with whomever thought of Cassiopeia
You're STILL looking for ways to join Cassiopeia
Get upset when people still say 800,000 fans because it's an outdated number -there are waaaaay more than that now

You're in on the "Max and his 'special' movies" joke
You might be the girl in Wrong Number (the one that calls them a lot) (lmao!)
For some reason, you love JJ even more when you find out he takes risque pictures of the others
Whenever you hear a good song, you want to use to it to make an FanVideo about DBSK
Your body went through spasms when you found out DBSK was going to be on FuseTV
You get as excited as the people in the show when Yunho uses his hometown dialect... even though you really can't tell the difference

Credits: Yongo10@crunchyroll

Thursday, 8 April 2010



长大了,高兴·伤心 都心甘情愿地自己吞了起来吗?

多么的邪恶, 多么的恐怖……
小时候的世界永远是最漂亮 最完美的……



很高兴, 我可以成功摆脱它……

Form1 的时候
打通了, 有人接了,却传来坏的消息,
站在电话旁的我们, 看着双眼通红的二姑说,公公去世了,
叫我们赶快换上适当的衣服, 我往了是谁载们去店的……
再也不会动了, 再也不会对我笑了……

曾经有一次梦到公公, 公公非常高兴地说“我的孙子来看我了……”

哭了多少眼泪, 失眠了多少夜,

但是,多得我的恩师们 M.L 和 P.W,
真的好开心, 真是谢谢我的恩师们……

现在的目标= 做好我的工作 和 我要去韩国!!!!

一个一个月地过,你们也忙 MASTER 的 paper,
那个早早就逃到外面工作的人 (你知道你是谁~)

专心工作哦~ 每天把 SATELLITE 对准 UNIMAS 来 38 的~